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Girls Softball Program

Girls' Softball Program

Welcome to Girls' Softball! The SFLL Softball Program focuses on Fundamental skill development, creating lasting Friendships, sportsmanship based Fun, and preparing players for a Future in Softball. We offer five divisions of play determined by age and skill level. All effort is made to place players in the most appropriate division for a successful season. 

The season length and games (dates shown in table below are approximate only) will be finalized once the number of teams for each division is determined.

Spring season softball ages are determined by the age your child is as of December 31, 2018.  

Birthdate Range Little League Age Typical Division Considerations
Jan 1, 2003 – Dec 31, 2005 13-15 Seniors (kid pitch) Competitive in the Marin Girls' Softball League; Some 13-yr olds may be placed in Majors depending on SES results and registration counts
Jan 1, 2006 – Dec 31, 2007 11-12 Majors (kid pitch) Competitive against SFLL teams only; new 11-yr olds may play Minors
Jan 1, 2008 – Dec 31, 2009 9-10 Minors (kid pitch) Competitive against SFLL teams only; new 9-yr olds may play Rookies
Jan 1, 2010 – Dec 31, 2010 8 Rookie (coach/kid pitch) Intro competitive
Jan 1, 2011 – Dec 31, 2011 7 Rookie (coach/kid pitch); Farm (coach pitch) Advanced players: Rookie; newer players: Farm
Jan 1, 2012 – Dec 31, 2012 6 Farm (coach pitch)

Softball Levels of Play

Division Age Season Games Focus Type Opponents
Farm 6-7 3/02-5/19 10-12 Developmental Coach Pitch SFLL Only
Rookie (8U) 7-8 3/02-5/19 10-12 Intro Competitive Coach/kid pitch SFLL Only
Minors (10U) 9-10 3/02-5/23 12-14 Competitive Kid Pitch SFLL Only
Majors (12U**) 11-12 3/02-5/23 12-15 Competitive Kid Pitch SFLL Only
Seniors (15U) 13-15 3/02-5/23 12 Competitive Kid Pitch Marin

*Note: the ages above are general guidelines. Placements are also influenced by balance of division teams, team sizes, and coach availability. 

Player Placement
Skills Evaluation Sessions (SES) will be held in December (kid-pitch ages 8+) and January (Farm ages 6-7).  While mandatory, the sessions are not “tryouts” as all players (not on the wait list) are placed on a team. The sessions are run by the division specific coaches. The sessions involve the players demonstrating their skills at various softball drills including hitting, fielding, throwing, running, pitching as well as overall attitude. The sessions are also the first opportunity for the players and coaches to meet.
Team Formation
Teams are formed mid-February at division drafts attended by all coaches in the division. Based on age and SES, players will be drafted into the most appropriate division and team. The goal of the team formation process is to create an equal distribution of skill level within the division helping to ensure the best overall playing experience. Once selected to a team, each player is making a commitment to attend scheduled weekly practices and games.  
Registration Fees
Fees for the 2019 Spring season are $160 for Farm (coach-pitch) softball and $185 for Kid-pitch softball. To complete your registration, you must register online and submit applicable fees. If you wish to pay by check, please mail to: SFLL, P.O. Box 193488, San Francisco, CA 94119-3488. Checks must be received by SFLL no later than 12/01/18. Please note: it is much more convenient for our registration team if you pay by credit card.
You have until December 15, 2018 to withdraw and receive a refund, minus a $25.00 administration fee. There are absolutely no refunds given after that time. An email must be sent to the Registration Coordinator that states your intention to withdraw.


The Little League Parade and Opening Ceremony on March 2nd kick-off the season. For Farm and Rookies, the season ends May 19th. For Minors and above, the season runs until May 23rd, including playoffs before Memorial Day weekend.

Girls' Softball weekend games -- except Seniors -- are generally played on Sunday. Kid-Pitch divisions (Rookies, Minors, Majors) can expect additional weekday evening games (mostly on Friday if field availability allows).

Seniors should expect several Friday evening games in the city (usually Fort Scott) and Saturday daytime games in Marin.   In 2018, the Seniors team played some Saturday double headers in Marin due to scheduling constraints for Marin teams.

All-Star and Post-Season

All-Star play for softball consists of a weekend tournament, played  in Marin. Players in Minors (10U) and above will be selected based on performance in March.

For all divisions, practice fields are in various San Francisco locations.  For Farm and Rookie, games will be placed on fields in the city.  Minors and Majors can expect the majority of Sunday games to be played at Ketcham Field on Treasure Island with weekday evening games generally on a city field.  Seniors can expect to play on Marin fields and San Francisco city fields.
Our plan is to hold a pre-season softball clinics for the players (TBD).  The clinic will focus on a variety of softball skills.  Additional skill clinics can be scheduled depending on volunteer availability (please speak up if interested in organizing skill clinics).   These clinics will be provided at no extra charge.
The Softball Program is seeking dedicated parent and community volunteers interested in supporting the progression of girls’ softball in San Francisco. Prospective coaches should be eager to develop player skills, team unity, sportsmanlike attitude, and a love of the game in all players. Our coaches typically find the experience very enjoyable and rewarding and many return to coach again. When you are selected to coach and you have a kid playing in the League, you are guaranteed to have your kid on your team. A pre-season coaching clinic will be held for both new and returning coaches and all coaches will be required to attend a Positive Coaching Alliance clinic. If you are interested in applying as a head or assistant coach, please follow the link on the SFLL homepage to register online. 

To learn more about SFLL Softball Divisions and to Register

Just click on the appropriate link below:

For more information on the Girls' Softball Program, please contact:

Brian Feeley

Softball Commissioner and Minors Player Agent

Newt Jordan

Softball VP of Player Agents

KC Carswell

Majors Softball Player Agent

Brian Feeley and Newt Jordan

Softball Rookie and Farm Player Agents