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Girls Softball Program

Girls' Softball Program - SPRING 2023

SFLL Girls' Softball is continuing to adapt in response to coach and player registration trends.  We do not anticipate being able to field enough teams to offer a softball division in Spring 2023. 

SFLL still wants to to support all the softballers who want to play in San Francisco and will be partnering with SF Rec & Park to help build their growing softball program this spring.  We encourage you to continue your registration below and we will let you know as soon as we have information from SF Rec & Park about their program and how your daughter can get involved.  We will not be not taking any registration fees for SFLL softball at this time.

We also welcome all of our softball players to consider joining our gender-inclusive baseball program and encourage you to inquire and learn more about how we support our softball players that move over to the baseball program.

If you would like more information about the participation level of girls in baseball at each level, or about other opportunities to play softball in the SF area, please contact:

Newt Jordan

Softball Player Agent

Player Registration


Coach Registration

If you would like more information about coaching softball, please click the contact link above for Softball Player Agent .