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Interested in Coaching?

Coaching kids is a rewarding experience and a way to give back to your community. We have parents and non-parents who find coaching so rewarding that they come back to coach year after year. If you are a parent coach, it is a great experience that both you and your kid will remember for a lifetime. When you are selected to coach and you have a kid playing in the League, you are guaranteed to have your kid on your team. We are looking for coaches and assistant coaches who think they would like to volunteer and make a difference in kids' lives.

We place great emphasis on our coaching ranks recognizing that without their exceptional efforts our League would not be what it is today. We provide plenty of support for our coaches including; training, team equipment and uniforms, and provide a coaches' manual all so they are well equipped to provide the kids on their team the best experience. We also invite all coaches to a Coach Recognition Dinner provided by the League in appreciation of their efforts.

Apprentice coaching - If you are a high school student of at least 15 years of age and are interested in learning how to coach, we offer a program whereby we team you up with experienced coaches to learn the different aspects of coaching a team. Parental approval is needed.

To be considered as a coach or apprentice coach simply fill out an application.  

For more information on coaching, please contact:

Andy Taylor and Josh Bagley

VP of Player Agents

Kyle Macdonald, James Baird and David Hammons

Upper Divisions Player Agents

Sumner Estes and Bob Hillman

Majors Player Agents

Erin Cooney, Howard Holderness and Matt Young

Minors Player Agents

Shannon Hall and James Nash

Rookie Player Agents

Tony Berning, Torry Brouillard-Bruce and Tat Luong

Farm Player Agents

Tony Berning and Jamal Farley

Tee Ball Player Agents

Newt Jordan

Girls Softball Player Agent

Mark Kahn

Challenger Program Director

spring Coach Registration

Our League is always looking for good coaches. We hope to confirm coaches by mid-December so please get those applications in now.