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About San Francisco Little League

San Francisco Little League

We believe our approach makes us the overall best place to play baseball/softball in San Francisco. Kids from every demographic, of varying abilities, and from all over the City play in our League. Our main objectives are to have balanced teams with kids of varying abilities on each team, develop their baseball/softball skills through proper coaching in a positive fashion, have the kids make new friends and, most importantly, to make sure the kids have fun all along the way.  We offer playing opportunities for kids from Kindergarten through Middle School. To add to the overall experience, there is an Opening Day Parade, post-season tournaments, league champion tournaments, and All-Star tournaments.  SFLL games are played on a variety of fields throughout the City, including our three fields on Treasure Island, Ft. Scott and Paul Goode fields in the Presidio and fields provided by SF Rec & Park.  All of this is at an affordable price makes what we believe is an unbeatable value in youth sports in San Francisco.

We also offer a Challenger Division for boys and girls who have a physical or cognitive disability and would like the opportunity to play baseball.

The success of our program has led to tremendous growth from just a couple of teams in 1996 to over 100 teams with approximately 2,000 players between our Spring and Fall programs.  Our success has been based on the hard work of our volunteers, led by a local Board of Directors who are also all volunteers.  We are a nonprofit group that is chartered by National Little League Baseball.   The majority of our volunteers are parents with kids in the League and all parents are expected to volunteer in some way. 

National Little League sets the following expectation for parents with children participating in little league:

Parents must take some initiative to make the local program successful.  Little League is not a club that implies baby–sitting benefits and entertainment privileges.  Practically speaking, Little League is an adult work project constructed, supervised, and assisted by parents who want to extend this benefit to their children.  The parent who shirks this responsibility cannot, in turn, expect others to assume the burden.