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Volunteer Opportunities

SFLL Needs Volunteers Like You

The success of San Francisco Little League is dependent upon members of the community stepping forward to assist with the many tasks associated with running the league.  Please consider giving your time so that the kids of San Francisco can continue to enjoy the best youth sports program in the area. 

We have an immediate need in the specific areas listed below.  If you are interested or just want more information, please use the links below to contact us.

Alison Fong

Volunteer Coordinator

The Registration "Volunteer Opportunities" is not currently available.


Why did SFLL develop a new volunteer policy?

As an all-volunteer organization, SFLL is dependent upon many people help with league operations.  As the League has grown, our volunteers struggled to staff League-wide tasks like sorting equipment at the beginning and end of the season or team-specific jobs like preparing the fields on TI before games.  Unfortunately, this shortfall of volunteers caused our coaches and small core of volunteers to burn out.  Consequently, the League’s leadership decided to find a way to make the division of labor more equitable.  After exploring how other little league organizations and youth sports groups around the country operate, we discovered that most all-volunteer organizations like SFLL have a volunteer policy to encourage families to help out and guarantee their league will continue to thrive.  One of the key ingredients to a successful year in SFLL is volunteer support!

What is the SFLL volunteer policy?

We want to encourage families to volunteer and thank them by rewarding them with Priority Registration rights for the Spring 2017 season.  SFLL has eliminated the old pre-registration policy, which allows players who played the previous spring season to access pre-registration.  To earn Priority Registration rights, SFLL families must complete one of the following volunteer tasks:

1.  Serve in a leadership role for a SFLL team as a coach, team manager, or team volunteer coordinator;

2.  Serve in a leadership role for SFLL such as board member, player agent, or League-wide manager role such as Snack Shack Coordinator, Events Manager, among other leadership league-wide jobs; 

3.  Complete either one League-wide job and one team-specific job*; or

4.  Complete two team-specific jobs**.

*Examples of league-wide jobs are: lining up trucks for the Opening Day parade, sorting equipment, helping at the SES (skills evaluation sessions), soliciting wine donations for the coaches’ dinner, etc.

**Examples of team specific jobs are: pitch counter for 4 games (Rookie division and higher), bench/equipment manager for 4 games (Farm and Rookie divisions), running a station for practices 4 practices (Farm division and higher), snack shack for 4 games (Minors and higher, Rookie during play offs), etc.

How does volunteer policy apply to families with more than one child playing in SFLL?

This volunteer policy applies to one entire family, not per child although we encourage families to help with all their children’s teams.    


How can I sign up for these volunteer jobs?

League-wide jobs will be listed on the web site under the “Dibs” section (you must be logged onto the SFLL website to access the Dibs section).

Team-specific jobs will be tracked by a designated team volunteer coordinator who will have a list of available tasks, and he/she will be responsible for signing up families to help over the course of the season.  At the end of the season, the team volunteer coordinator will submit the list of volunteers from their team to the SFLL Volunteer Coordinator. 

What happens if my family doesn’t complete the required jobs to get pre-registration?  Can we still register to play in SFLL?

Yes!  Families that do not complete their volunteer job requirements will simply register during the open registration period, but there is no guarantee that there will be any space in the league at that time. 

Some of these jobs don’t make sense for our division.  What do we do?

This is the first season of the volunteer policy, so we are bound to have some “hiccups” and we will need your help to make changes and improvements as we go!  We are open to suggestions, so please email

Our family structure prevents us from volunteering.  What can we do?

We hope everyone can help out, but if a family is in a difficult situation please email so we can come up with a solution together. 

For any additional questions, please email

Thank you for supporting SFLL and for making youth baseball a fun and memorable experience for children and their families in San Francisco. 

Assistant Player Agents

Involved in coordinating all aspects of team formation including organizing SESs, player drafts, and coach recruitment.

For more information, please contact Andy Taylor.

Andy Taylor

VP of Player Agents

Assistant Scheduler

Assist our Scheduler with organizing our practice and game schedules.

Please contact Jeff Lucas for more information.

Jeff Lucas


Assistant Webmaster and Social Media Coordinator

Works with our Webmaster to manage our content on a regular basis and get the most out of our website and social media pages.

Please contact Will Wong for more information.

Will Wong


Equipment and Uniform Czar

Spearhead the distribution of equipment, uniforms, and trophies.

For more information, please contact Keysha Bailey.

Keysha Bailey

Equipment and Uniform Coordinator

Special Events Coordinators

Assisting the Events Directors in coordinating SFLL events (Opening Day, Giants' Days, and Coach/Volunteer Appreciation Dinner).

For more information, please contact Kathleen Mahdavi or Marci Sherman.

Kathleen Mahdavi

Special Events Coordinators

TI Fields Coordinator

Oversees day-to-day field operations. Works with our groundskeeper and other volunteers to ensure fields are running smoothly.

Please contact Mark Kahn for more information.

Mark Kahn

President Emeritus

Umpire Administration Coordinator

Assist with the day-to-day coordination of umpire assignments and overall administration of the umpire program.

Please contact Evan Hall for more information.

Evan Hall

Chief Umpire

Umpire Gear Coordinator

Assist with the day-to-day coordination of umpire gear assignments.

* Must be tech savvy, organized, and a good communicator.

* Assist in setup of system to track use of SFLL’s umpire equipment.

* Maintain tracking data through the season – estimate daily time spent 2-10 minutes during season.

* 100% performed at home or place of choosing. You never need to see or touch the actual gear. This is an administrative and organizational role.

* Communicate gear status with coaches and Chief Umpire as appropriate.  

Please contact Evan Hall for more information.

Evan Hall

Chief Umpire