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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I sign up for games?


E-mail the Scheduler and be sure to include your full name in the request, along with a list of games (date, time and field) that you are interested in. Only registered umpires who have completed training may sign up for games.


2. If something in the schedule changes, will I get a phone call?


No, as a general rule we do not make telephone calls to schedule games or warn of changes. Therefore, it is important that you check your emails frequently and always the night before a game you are scheduled to umpire. It is a good idea to check your personal calendar against the master umpire schedule every week or so. You may also feel free to email the Scheduler with any questions that may arise.


3. What if rain is an issue?


If the rain widget on the SFLL home page says a field is closed then the game is canceled. Make sure the widget is showing the current date's info.


If the coaches agree to cancel a game ahead of time they have been asked to call the umpires. Even if the weather looks terrible, assume that the GAME IS ON until you hear otherwise. If you show up to an empty field, let the Chief Umpire know.


Once a game has started, it is the umpire's decision whether or not the weather is safe to play in. If the field is unsafe, then stop the game. This may be hard to do with players and parents all present and wanting to play, but safety is the first concern. However, if you feel it is safe, by all means play.


If you are not given advance notice of a cancellation before you leave for the game site you will be paid for the game regardless of if it gets played. You receive full pay for a game shortened by rain or darkness.

4. What if I sign up for a game and can’t make it?

There are at least 18 youths counting on you to show up for your game. It is very important that you only sign up for games you can commit to. In an emergency, you are responsible for finding another umpire to take your place. The umpire roster is available by logging into this website. You should also contact the Umpire Scheduler  immediately. If they can help you, they will.

5. How do we get paid?

Youth umpires will be paid in two installments. The first payment, for games worked in March and April, will be mailed out in the middle of May. The second payment, covering games worked through the end of the season, are mailed in early July.


6. When will games be available for assignment?


Once games are posted on the umpire schedule website, they are open for scheduling requests. Games are generally opened for scheduling about a month in advance and we attempt to finalize assignments two weeks in advance so you can plan your calendar accordingly.


7. What if I didn't receive as many games as I would like?


There are a lot of umpires and a lot of competition for spots on the schedule (especially for first year umpires). We make an effort to give everyone a fair chance, but our main goal is to get games covered for the sake of the kids playing.


Signing up early is appreciated and does factor into game assignments. However, a lot of priority is also given to ability (which is different than seniority). The best way to get a lot of games is to be available for a lot of games. If you only ask for three or four games you might end up with zero. If you can make yourself available for a lot of games (weekdays, weekends, different fields, etc.) you will greatly increase your chance of receiving more assignments.


You can request to work with a specific umpire (friend, sibling, etc.), and we will accommodate when possible. However, this will sometimes limit the number of games made available to you.


8. Can umpires decide to swap plate and bases assignments?


This is usually okay if both umps are willing, but assignments are sometimes made for specific reasons and it is best to check with the scheduler beforehand if possible.


9. What should I wear during games?


The league will provide you with a shirt and hat. Watch your email, or check with the Umpire Uniform Coordinator. You should always wear dark colors. Avoid patterns and bright colors that might be distracting to the players. Always wear long pants, shorts are never acceptable. Choose comfortable clothes and athletic shoes you can move around in. Cleats are okay but not required. You may get wet/muddy so keep that in mind. The city is cold, so dress warm, wear layers, and be prepared.