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2017 Fall Ball

2017 Baseball and Girls' Softball Fall Ball Season

Fall 2017 Calendar of Key Dates

For your convenience and consideration, we have provided the following calendar of important dates for you to review before registering your child.

Fall 2017 Calendar

Date Event
June 13 General Registration for ALL Baseball and Softball Divisions Opens
July 7 General Registration for Baseball Closes (or when reach our capacity, whichever comes first)
July 14 Baseball Waitlist Registration Opens for ALL Divisions (the waitlist will close when we reach our capacity)
August 28-31 Player Drafts - Coaches Only
September 10 Opening Day
October 29 Farm season ends
November 5 All kid-pitch divisions seasons end


  • 15-and-under baseball (must have a birthdate between 5/1/02 and 8/31/12) is now CLOSED.
  • Girls’ softball (6 to 15 years old as of 12/31/17) is now CLOSED.


WE MAY CLOSE REGISTRATION EARLIER THAN THE DEADLINE DATE - Our goal is to accept as many kids into Fall ball as we can taking into consideration our field allocation and the number of coaches and volunteers available to effectively support our teams. We have registration deadlines that are different for each division and all are subject to closing earlier than the deadline depending on the number of sign-ups. After you read through the following you can click on the link below to find out more about the division in which you are interested prior to registering your child.

For baseball ages 12 & up, the Intermediate & Juniors Divisions will be holding a "spring training" style program this Fall. In order to give players more individual attention & repetitions, this program will emphasize skill development through specialized & game-like practices culminating in round robin (whatever the format) tournament style games. Over the course of the program, coaches will identify positions and a field size (70 foot bases vs 90 foot bases) that provides the player with the best opportunity for success. SFLL still needs parent volunteers to help coach these camps; the full curriculum will be developed collaboratively with the coaches and be part of the coach training.


MAKING SFLL A PRIORITY - We understand that in today’s world, kids often have a variety of activities that they participate in. Since our capacity is limited, we respectfully request that unless you can make SFLL a priority versus other youth activities that you do not register and leave space for another family that is willing to make our League its priority commitment. In particular, if your child is planning to play travel ball or another sport that is going to limit your child's availability on Sundays, we strongly suggest that you NOT register for Fall Ball.

IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE SF - Unless you live within San Francisco city limits and can prove your residency, or qualify for an exception under National Little League residency rules, you cannot play in our League.

READ OUR ATTENDANCE PLEDGE - Attendance is very important in our League and we have an Attendance Pledge for you to review. Please read it (BELOW) carefully and make sure you can abide by it before registering.


We understand that players and their families must commit to high attendance of games and practices in order for San Francisco Little League to work. This is because SFLL strives to have parity between teams, to promote team cohesion, and to keep roster sizes small so that all players get substantial playing time. Significant absenteeism makes these objectives unworkable.

Players and their families should understand that a player is expected to attend all practices and games and when that is not possible the following applies:

• ADVANCE NOTICE OF ABSENCE REQUIRED - When a player cannot attend a game the parent must notify the coach a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

• FAILURE TO NOTIFY COACH - Failure to inform the coach with the proper notification will result in an unexcused absence resulting in a warning to the player by the coach and notification to the Player Agent. One more occurrence may result in a suspension with any further occurrences leading to possible expulsion from the League.

• SUSPENSION/EXPULSION - Excessive absenteeism or tardiness (even with proper notification) to practices and games also may warrant suspension or expulsion from the League. Excessive absenteeism would be when a player has 2 consecutive tardies and/or absences or, cumulative absences or tardies have reached 3 for either practice or games.

*  I have read and understand the above and am ready to enter the registration process.

Please click on the appropriate link below:

Baseball Program and Registration


Girls' Softball Program and Registration